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Home Fire Safety

The best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from happening in the first place. To do these, there are several things that families can do to lessen the chances of a fire from starting in their homes. Although prevention is very important, families also need to have a plan of action that everyone knows and has practiced in the event of a fire.


General Housekeeping

Home Electrical Safety

Electricity has become a basic part of our lives these days. It provides the energy we need to power most of the appliances we use at home today, from lights to ventilation systems and home entertainment systems. Today it is hard to imagine a residence without electricity. Electricity is an important part of our homes and our activities but most of us take it for granted. We rarely think how powerful and dangerous electricity is.


In the United States,

Kitchen Safety

More than 50% of accidental fires at home started in the kitchen. Many kitchen fires happen when people leave things unattended or when they are not paying attention to what they are doing. Aside from fire, a lot of other hazards exist in the kitchen. These hazards include tripping hazards, electrocution while using electrically operated kitchen appliance, mechanical hazards from moving part of appliances like electric blenders, meat grinders, and other appliances.

Kitchen Safety Tips


Slips, Trips and Fall

Slips, Trips and Fall are among the common hazards that results to injury at home. These hazards are often taken for granted even though these hazards are some of the easiest and the most cost efficient risk to manage.

Slips - occur when there is too little friction between a person's feet and the walking surface.

Trips - occur when a person's foot contacts an object and they are thrown off balance.


Safety Tips

How to prevent slips.