Home Safety

Slips, Trips and Fall

Slips, Trips and Fall are among the common hazards that results to injury at home. These hazards are often taken for granted even though these hazards are some of the easiest and the most cost efficient risk to manage.

Slips - occur when there is too little friction between a person's feet and the walking surface.

Trips - occur when a person's foot contacts an object and they are thrown off balance.


Safety Tips

How to prevent slips.

  • Promptly clean up spills of slippery substance.
  • Avoid very slippery floorings especially on near stairs and stair treads. If necessary coat it with non-slip materials.
  • Be careful when using rags and doormats. Some type of rags may cause slips when placed on slippery floorings.
  • Algae and moss build up on outdoor walkways creates dangerous conditions.

How to prevent trips

  • Make sure walkways and isles are clear of clutter and nothing that could cause tripping hazards are left in the walkways.
  • Teach your children to return toys to proper storage after using them.
  • Avoid uneven flooring and stair treads. Repair immediately any damaged floorings and stairs.
  • Make sure walkways and stairs are adequately lighted.
  • Avoid trailing extension wires across walkways, stairways and walking surface.
  • Repair or replace any damage carpets and floor mats.
  • Arrange household appliance to make sure there is adequate walkway passages and nothing protrudes towards the walkway that could cause tripping hazards.
  • Close drawers after using them. Do not leave open drawers unattended.

How to prevent falling hazards

  • Use a ladder when doing household repairs and working on height. Avoid using a makeshift ladder or stand on top of a chair.
  • Hold on to railings while going up and down stairways.
  • Avoid running or rushing while going up and down stairways.
  • Cover or repair any damage or holes on the flooring immediately.