Occupational Safety

Scaffolding Safety

All scaffolding must be erected, dismantled and altered in a safe manner and must be in compliance with company standards and applicable regulatory requirements.


  • An approved full body harness with shock absorbing lanyards with double-locking snap hooks shall be worn at all times while an employee is on scaffolding, regardless of the scaffold’s degree of completeness.
  • Standing on the rails of scaffolds to gain extra height or reach is prohibited.
  • Safety belts are not acceptable as fall protection.  Safety belts can be used as restraints to prevent persons from getting close to the edge where there are no railings.

Competent Person and Scaffold Tagging Requirements

  • Scaffold is to be erected, moved, dismantled, and/or altered under the supervision of a competent person (i.e. a person who has completed the scaffolding training and certification.). The Competent Person is responsible for the scaffold safety and compliance with applicable standards. 
  • All scaffold tags are to be signed by the Competent Person.  
  • A Safe Work Permit shall be issued for the purpose of erecting and dismantling scaffolds.
  • All scaffolds are to be marked with one of the following  tags:

Green Tag

ACCEPTED - This scaffold meets Company and OSHA regulations and complies with this policy.  Fall protection equipment must be worn but tie-off is not required.

 accepted accepted 


Yellow Tag

WARNING - This scaffold is stable, rigid and strong however it does not meet all Company and OSHA scaffolding requirement. This scaffolding may be used but safety harness shall be anchored at all times

 warning warning


Red Tag

DANGER - This scaffold is not to be used. Scaffolding that is unstable or that is being dismantled shall be marked with a red tag.

 danger danger