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Road Traffic Accident Statistics

Road and driving accidents affect the well being of literally every men, women and children around the world, because everyone at any one time is a driver, passenger or pedestrian.

road safety statistics      road safety statistics

According to the report published by th World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries claim more than 1.25 million lives each year, with millions more sustaining serious injuries and some resulted to long-term adverse health consequences. It is the leading cause of death among the young people aged between 15 and 29 years and estimated to be the ninth leading cause of death across all age groups globally. 

road safety statistics

Road traffic injuries also placed a heavy burdern on national economies as well as on households. Many families are driven deeper into poverty by a loss of a breadwinner or by prolonged medical care of the injured or disabled family member. At the national level, road traffic injuries also impose a significant burden on health, insurance and legal systems. These cost governments approximately 3% of the countries GDP annually.

The impact of road traffic injuries are significantly higher in the low- and middle-income countries. Ninety percent of all the road traffic deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. 

road safety statistics  

The chance of dying in a road traffic accident depends on where you live. African region has the highest road traffice death rates while the European region has the lowest rates. Statistics also show that almost half of all the deaths on the world road's are among thos with the least protection - motorcyclist (23%), pedestrians (22%) and cyclist (4%). 

road safety statistics

Source: WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015