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All Accidents are Preventable

What most people think?

Are all accidents preventable?

I have asked a lot of people this question and most of them said “NO”. Here are some of their answers:

“No, not all accidents are preventable.”

“No, that is impossible we are not leaving in a perfect world. People commit mistakes.”

“No, you can’t prevent the stupidity of other people.”

“No, you can’t prevent natural calamities.”

Even the few people who said “yes” are in doubt. “Yes, but it requires strong commitment and dedication of everybody involved, which is hard to do.”

What you think is important

“What you think is real, becomes your reality”, goes a famous line in a book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. If you believe that you can prevent all accidents from happening then you have to do your best to prevent it. People call this technique mental conditioning or visualization. If you want to create or achieve something you first have to create a visual image of it in your mind.

When the consequences are high

I happened to have worked with a commissioning engineer who spent the early years of his career working in a nuclear plant. According to him, “the nuclear power plant is the safest workplace he has ever worked.” Every single employee ensures that their work is performed in the safest and most efficient manner. There are no room for mistakes and errors.

Why accident happens?

Accidents happen because people did not do his best to prevent it. Most people believe that accidents do happen no matter what we do prevent it. This is the reason why people are not doing their best to avoid and prevent accidents from happening.

Some people also tend to be complacent and over confident for a lot of reasons. “I have been doing this many times and I never made any mistakes why worry now.”

Accident Prevention

Preventing accidents is an elaborate and complicated process. It involves proactive recognition and assessment of hazards, successful implementation of corrective and control measures and continuous monitoring and reassessment. Above all, genuine personal commitment is the key in an effective accident prevention program.