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Electrician Electrocuted at the Airport

An electrician identified as Joseph Pingitore, 61, was electrocuted and pronounced dead at the scene while testing a string of lights at taxiway A at Westchester County Airport on the afternoon of Thursday, June 30, 2016. Pingitore was a 40-year employee of Verde Electric Corp., a Mount Vernon based electrical contractor. He was called to the airport to do maintenance on lights they had intalled.

According to county officials, Pingitore went to investigate one of the lights at taxiway A that was out. While opening and inspecting the light assembly, he was electrocuted and died.

Diana Cortez, area director at the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) office in Tarrytown, said an investigation into the incident is ongoing. She said the length f the investigation depends on access to information and interviewees.

Mike Sweeny, executive vice president of Verde Electric, said they are currently investigating the incident internally and authorities are doing their investigation at this time as well. No further detail about the incident is available at the moment pending the investigations.