Safety Presentations

Feel free to download and use the following presentations.

This presentation contains safety tips which is an ideal safety topic to be discussed during safety meetings with industrial and construction workers. This could also be a good off-the-job safety topic since almost everyone uses hand tools at home every now and then.

 A short yet powerful presentation to remind workers the importance of hearing protection / preservation. This is ideal to be discussed with industrial workers exposed to noise levels beyond the standard normal limits.

This presentation is ideal for discussion with office personnel to increase safety awareness and help address safety issues and concerns in the office environments. Although offices are not generally considered a hazardous environment, there are simple steps that should be taken to ensure a safer office work environment.

This is a short presentation that is ideal for discussion during safety meetings with office personnel. This topic provides short and direct to the point tips on how to address ergonomics concerns in the office office settings and workers spending most of thier working hours in workstations or in front of the computer monitor. 

Slips, trips and fall ranks second to automobile incidents in causing personal injury both at home and in the workplace. Constant reminders for workers to ensure that thier workplaces are free of slip, trip and fall hazards is a must to ensure an accident free workplace. This presentation will help achieve this purpose.

This PowerPoint presentation is a good tool to for safety practitioners to refresh industrial workers the basic safety requirement and basic parts of a tube and coupler scaffolding. This could also serve as an introductory presentation for beginners and would be scaffold erectors to let them familiarize the name and functions of different scaffolding parts.

Electricity is potentially very hazardous if proper care is not taken. In addition to posing a direct risk of fatality and serious injury, it can serve as a trigger for a chain reaction of events leading to more injuries and deaths. It is the lack of respect for the dangers associated with the use of electricity that results in a high number of electrocution incidents and even deaths in the workplace. It is the deliberate act of some people to disregard electrical safety procedures that results to a high number of electrical related incidents in the workplace. 

It is the purpose of this presentation to educate everyone on the hazards and the steps to mitigate these hazards to make sure that all who works on or around electrical equipments are protected from these dangers.

A short PowerPoint presentation on how to choose the right hand protection for the job. Important consideration includes: adequate protection, comfort and cost. Ideal safety meeting topic for all workers in the general industry.